What is TRVLbud

TRVLbud is a service that lets travelers pay you for helping them plan their trips. When travelers hire you, we create a trip page that makes it easy and fun to work with them on their trip plan. These trips then become part of your profile and act as your advertisement to future travelers.

What to expect

The first and foremost expectation is that you will do this professionally. Travelers are paying you for your service and they expect a prompt and responsive TRVLbuddy. If your work schedule, lifestyle or other commitments won't allow this, then you shouldn't be a TRVLbuddy.

Other than that, you need to help travelers with:

- an itinerary for how to make the best use of their time

- suggested places to stay

- suggested transportation options

- any other questions they may have

Travelers will have access to your expertise for 30 days after they hire you (after which they may request an extension, which you can grant at your discretion). 

Make money doing what you love

You can charge whatever you think your time and expertise is worth. We retain 20% to maintain the platform and pay our bills, and forward the rest to you. Payments are held with our payment gateway for 3 weeks to cover for our money-back guarantee, just in case a client is not entirely happy with their interaction.

And that's it! It's that simple - help people plan their trips; get paid.